Sunday, 8 March 2015

Orienteering at camp

The first thing I remember about orienteering at camp was having to sit on the dry, prickly grass, listening to the instructions. We had been given the map already and I was wondering: when are these instructions going to be done? I just want to get on with it!!

I remember walking around the outsides of the camp with my aching legs persuading me to not go further, my beady eyes keen to spot more, and thinking: Where's number 13?

I remember having 1 marker to go - 23. I bolted and turned sharply as I weaved my way through the forest to the spot where 23 should be. 

I remember sprinting all over the bridge desperately trying to find 23 as the time flew by.

I remember the thrill of excitement as I spotted it underneath the bridge, and thought ‘finally - completed!’

I remember heading back to the camp only to see we had been beaten by Elise's group. Still a good result -2nd place. Although I was a bit miserable.

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