Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Witnessing A Mouse On The Tramp Pole

I peered out of my bedroom window curiously. My cat, slinky, was putting his paw on one of the tramp poles. I sighed and got on with doing my morning things. Slinky was one CRAZY CAT!!!

I was reading when Rhiannon, my sister, walked in to my room. "I think I know why the cat won't get off the tramp."

Rhiannon led me outside and pointed to a brown, furry shape on the same tramp pole that Slinky had been putting his paw on. "Do you have any idea what it is?" I asked Rhiannon, who was staring at the tramp. "Duh! It's a mouse!!!" She said with snap in her voice.
"We have to get the cat off the tramp!" I whispered.
"So we can rescue the mouse!" She whispered back with a cheeky grin plastered to her face.

"Slinky!!!" I called out to Slinky, who was staring greedily at the brown plump mouse that was looking nervously at its predator. "Slinkeeeeeeey!!!" I called out again, more desperately. Finally, the fat cat turned his head to look at and pounced off the tramp. "Good boy." I whispered softly to the cat who had turned his back to the tramp.

Rhiannon was creeping quietly across the soft, lush, green grass to the tramp when Slinky padded off to say hi to the girl trying rescue the mouse. "Slinky!!!" She giggled. "You need to stay with her!" Rhiannon pointed to me so Slinky could see were he was supposed to be. Slinky leapt over to me so Rhiannon could get back to her business. After a few minutes... "The mouse won't get off the trampoline!!!"

As far as I knew this was good. (Not) "I'll get the cat inside!" I called to her. She gave a nod in agreement. I puffed a lot when I was picking up Slinky. He was HEAVY!!! (He still is). I shoved him into the house where he padded into the laundry to scoff down his after-breakfast meal. (He has breakfast, after-breakfast meal, lunch, after-lunch meal, tea and dessert. Mum over feeds him) "That should keep him busy," I murmured. "He's inside!" I called to Rhiannon.

"He's gone!" I called again to her. "So is the mouse!" Rhiannon grinned. "It tried to get down, but slipped and went through the springs.
That was the last time we saw the mouse.


  1. How wonderful it is to read your stories, Carys! But this one is your best so far. I liked it when you said 'that was the last time we saw the mouse.' It made me think 'is it dead? Or did it escape?' Plus it is a wonderful way to end a story! And 'a cheeky grin plastered on her face'. I can really read the story in my head as well as my eyes. I can imagine the story in my mind. It must of been rather frightening seeing a mouse; let alone being to close to one!
    That was such a great story, Carys.

    1. No, actually. I'm not to worried about being close to most animals.