Monday, 29 June 2015

My reflection

This term, we have been doing inquiry projects. I have made a pamphlet about how our waterways are being polluted. The learning I have been doing this term is that to get something high quality is to do many drafts, to persevere and to study detail. Those are some of the learning strategies I have used to get this pamphlet this far. I feel proud because I think my finished product will help our waterways. We had a mihi whakatau on the 26 of June 2015 and put pamphlets on offer and a lot of them were taken. We hope this will help our river ecosystem and make it a safe waterway. 

                                                       My Gantt chart

                                                  My struggleometer

                                                    My pamphlet *1 

                                                    My pamphlet *2

                                                       My pamphlet *3

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