Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Sandpit mess

I looked at the sandpit with eager eyes. It had been a while since had been near sand. I was at my cousins house with my cousin Mia and my sister Rhiannon. And now I was going to do something a little crazy. I could feel the soft, dry sand underneath my feet as strolled over to where I was going to start building. 

I started slapping up the sand on to the pile but it glided down the mound. One way to start. LOAD THE WATER!!! Mia put the hose into the sandpit (which had once been a spa) and turned it on. The water flowed through the sandpit and stabilized the sand islands. 

Now to choose my character.  My eyes scanned the row. There were horses, cows, sheep, dinosaurs, sharks and other sea creatures. One horse leapt out at me. A palomino. I put my hand out to reach it... But before my hand could make contact with the palomino Rhiannon had snatched it away from my reach!!! So I was stuck with a boring bay.

In the sand pit, Mia had made an awesome sand house with a water slide. She had the made best house by far. Problem. We had forgotten about the water. The hose was still pumping out water into the sandpit. And it was a MESS. The so-called Islands had disappeared into the water and the pit itself was flooded. The toys had gone afloat and we were shin-deep in water. One messy pit if I say so myself.

The end.

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  1. Ha ha! Very funny, Carys! I really like it how you said 'snatched it away from me, so I was stuck with a boring bay'. But even if that happens it will not stop me loving my little sis Iris!
    It reminds me of when Sachi and I used to have the sandpit in my back garden and we make islands and put water in it, but we put rubber ducks in it. In the end Dad told us off for 'wasting' the water (we only used about 12 litres! Not much, right?)
    Anyway, that story was really fun! You have a great blog.