Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The horrible dreadful never-ending earthquakes!

The ground shook beneath me. The house was squealing in fear as it rocked like a rocking horse, side to side, over and over again. Of course, that was a few years ago and they weren't exactly never-ending but it felt like that at the time. And if you were there, you would know that that feeling that you were never safe. But this is my story of my terrible time of when the horrible, dreadful, never-ending earthquakes struck:

Nana and Poppa were away, so my family and I were "house sitting" as dad called it. Our first day there was fine. Most of the time we were walking on the banks of the Avon, or playing B.A.L.L with Bella (Nana and Poppa's black and white fox terrier). Anyway, like I said the first day was fine. And so was the next. And the next. And the next. 

It wasn't until the 5th night that it all went WRONG (when I come to think of it, the 5th morning). The ground shook beneath me. The house was squealing in fear as it rocked like a rocking horse, side to side, over and over again. From in my room, I could hear Rhiannon screaming from her bedroom. Then the bombshell hit. I started screaming too. Then whimpering. Then crying. I burst into tears. I was TOO YOUNG TOO DIE!!! I was only about 4 and a half. That was young enough wasn't it?

Dad raced into my room like a superhero and picked me up. He took me into his room and left me with mum so he could race back off and get Rhiannon. It seemed like the second he came, in the earthquake stopped shaking the ground. I decided to look around outside. 

It was a disgrace. There was a stone archway that led into the garden, and now had fallen and turn into stone crumbs. There was also square pond with statue in the middle, which had snapped in half and had crumbled into the pond. These are the sorts of thing I wish to NEVER happen again.


  1. I wish they would never happen again too Carys. Those memories flooded back to me as I read your writing, the good ones and the bad ones, the ones of destruction and the ones of fear. I also liked the part about your nana leaving you to house sit her house and I thought, what would have happened if she stayed in the house? She could have been buried in rubble or could have had a heart attack and we wouldn't want that. Also what was her reaction when she got home I really want to know?

    1. I can't actually remember, it was so long ago now

  2. Amazing pice of writing carys, you used great discription. I know how you felt, I remember when I was in the library and the earthquake happened and piles of books tumbled all over me.
    Great gob😜