Monday, 31 August 2015

Whitetail surprise

Do you like surprises? Good and bad? Like a surprise holiday? Maybe getting your favourite book? Or perhaps getting your first apple device? Well I have a surprise that isn't quite on the list of pleasant ones. 

It was the Easter holidays and everybody was bustling around, frantic to get everything done in time. Saturday was my normal "chill out" day at home. Calmness wavered over me, as I knew that there was finally peace and quiet (for a while anyway). Today Dad was still half-asleep and snoring, plus Mum had gone nuts with all the preparations. It was going swimmingly until I saw IT...

My sister and I were bouncing around like the world was about to end. Mum always told us to calm down before we smashed something (like the terracotta pot I crashed into a few weeks before). After a while I got bored and went to go look for a pen that I thought would be on my bed. The sweet scent of pollen drifted up my nose as I walked up the hallway to my bedroom where trouble was awaiting. I peeled over my pillows, trying to get a glimpse of the pen. Then I saw it. Not the pen, but a spider. A WHITETAIL SPIDER. I froze to the spot. "Ummm, Mum? There's something on my bed!"  Something, I thought. Obviously referring to the spider. Mum had warned me that a whitetail could kill and those words make me gulp in fear, although it wasn't like the creature was going to leap out at me. I could smell fear wavering over me. From the kitchen I heard Mum groaning before yelling something back. In the end Mum sucked it up with the vacuum-cleaner-thing and the whitetail was still alive two...  long... weeks... later... 

I've found that all mistakes have a lesson, and my lesson is ALWAYS expect the unexpected. Because maybe you might come across a surprise holiday, getting your favourite book, or perhaps your first apple device? You might even come across a whitetail spider. 


  1. WOW! I was really freaked out! I love the way, you described your senses and your emotion in this speech. Maybe you should put a bit more action in it though, like how your mum felt when she saw the deadly spider.
    Other than that, I think it sounded great.

  2. That is a really cool story Carys. I liked the way you made a big fuss over it (I don't dare to believe how poisonous whitetails are because I hate spiders!) And how you started all nice and quiet and suddenly... "EEEEKKK!" It reminds me of when I went into the hallway and a spider jumped out of my hair and onto my nightgown. I spelt naked after that :/
    Awesome writing! Keep writing awesome stuff! :D