Thursday, 24 September 2015

Bottle lake forest

The brilliant brown mare gazed at me with huge Amber eyes as if I were a lunatic. Her coat was a deep bay, like the colour of copper, while her mane and tail were the type of black that made you shudder. Her intelligent Amber eyes could have been described as the brightest stars in space and you felt like as long as you were with her you were safe. As I hoisted myself onto her back, I had the feeling that this would be the best day of my life. After all, my instincts had already picked up that Angel was one of the best ponies ever.

Dark, towering pine trees seemed to stumble towards the ponies. I could feel that the wind had picked up and soon the trees leaning over us all and giving us evil grins. My body had jerked to a side. Angel obviously didn't like those grins. My body shuddered. No more warmth as we entered what seemed like a lonely, evil dimension. Urgent tweeting filled the air as if to say: 'come on, save your selves!' As the sparrows and blackbirds flooded into the trees, we were plunged back into sunlight. 

The soft sound hooves against sand filled my ears. I couldn't help myself. I lifted out my arms like I had wings until I felt like they would pop. The sun had stopped playing hide'n'seek with the clouds and was blazing down on to my arms. I folded my arms back in.  The sensation of being part of Angel settled down into me. Back and forth, back and forth, it felt like I was on a rocking horse. 

Soon we reached a small hill. I started to pick up the smell of the salt. Then, as we reached the small slope that lead to the beach,  Angel stumbled forward on to the sand, but to me it felt like some sort of electric jolt. The waves were rising and falling while trying to say hi. Then, suddenly, I felt like I had been left behind as Angel made a mad escape. The tussock grass's were running straight for us- wait, we were coming for them. At least one thing was clear: Angel was afraid of the waves.

A sadness had overpowered me as we came to the end of the ride. No more Amber eyes to gaze at me. No more deep bay coat that shone like copper. No more manes and tails that were the type of black that made you shudder. At least for a while anyway.

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  1. Wow Carys! That post was AMAZING!!! I really enjoyed reading it! The discription was wonderful! The 'black that made me shudder' was really good! The 'bay that looked like copper' was cool as well! It reminds me of when I went to Sachi's house and I saw their foal Annie. Maybe I should write a description about her!
    Great story! Keep on writing more cool stuff!