Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Inquiry arts

This term Waimairi school have been learning about participating in the arts and using the arts to us with the community. On Thursday the 17th of September 2015, the whole school went into the city, particularly 'the commons'. I reckon my performance(s) went well because I had practised a lot so I knew my moves and I didn't have to look at other people to figure out what on earth was going on. One of my highlights was when dad came at the end of the play. I asked him to dance like a lot of the other adults were, but apparently he was 'too old'. When I came home he showed me a video of me doing a dance at the end of my play. So that was why he wouldn't dance. He had been recording me on his phone all that time. 

When I was in my play using dialog I projected my voice the loudest it could go so I could connect with the audience. When I did the flash mob I tried to make my moves clear so the audience could understand what was going on. It gave me a good feeling at the end when everybody clapped and when Sara came up INSTEAD of dad because he was filming. 

Through all the performances, I noticed 2 of the 3 Maori values we have been learning about: Kotahitanga (Unity, bonding, together as one), whānaugatanga (Family, whole group) and manaakitia (kindness, caring, respecting each other). For example: I saw others bonding with each other because they were talking and watching each other (Kotahitanga), and when Izzi and her dad were singing together (whānaugatanga). 

After my performances I felt proud of my efforts as dad kept on saying 'well done' and 'I hope you're proud of yourself'. People clapped and when I got home asked 'how did it go?' and kept on saying 'well done' just as dad had done. It made me proud when my friends kept saying how good my performance(s) was/were.

Now that the arts term is ending, I feel like I know more than I did at the start of the term. In the future I would like to learn something like piano, or the violin so I could go busking and then that would be a way of connecting with the community.

Here is part of my performance:

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