Tuesday, 27 October 2015


This story is 99% true!

Day 1:
The morning of my sleepover with my cousins, Lauren and Mia, was one of the only ones I would want to get up earlier than 6:30. I had already packed so I had gotten up and I had nothing to do. Why not just stay in bed? The thing is, I don't like bed. It's boring. So I just read for 3 quarters of an hour. 

It was nearly 9:00 when dad, Rhiannon and I left for Dunsandel (a bit further out than Rolleston). On the way we had spotted 2 or 3 car crashes which wasn't a good start to the day. One I can remember was at Springs road, which had police and fire engines crowding around. 

It was 10:00 when we pulled into the driveway of my cousins house, and I couldn't control myself. The first thing to do was say hi to Cutie, Dream and Mist. I sprinted to the paddock and started calling out her name. "Dream! Dream!" 

The miniature pony mare only raised her head from munching on her hay, looked at me with her big, brown eyes and lowered her head back down again. "Carys, come in!" My Aunty Catherine called out to me. I shrugged and walked inside. 

I tried to not open the door too much, because their chug (pug/chihuahua/griffin- not the part lion part eagle one) Bella was likely to try and race out, and if that was the case, we might have never seen her again. After that we didn't do much except play minecraft for a while. Soon after that dad left so we got changed to go outside. Rhiannon borrowed a pair of jodhpurs so she could ride Cutie (she's a palomino miniature pony). But I didn't need jodhpurs because I wasn't going to ride. I was going to try train the rebellious, naughty flaxen liver chestnut mare: Dream. 

You might not know that Dream is a very temperamental mare. She and the other ponies live in a paddock with no grass. A: because it was winter at the time and their hooves would ruin the paddock and B: all 3 of them are quite fat. Anyway, Lauren had to go into the paddock to catch the ponies because Mist was worse than Dream and because Dream was shy and if Rhiannon or I tried to catch her she would get spooked.

The first thing to do was groom the ponies, especially Dream. She loved to try and roll in the dirt, so it would be a mission to groom her. Once we had brushed the manes and tails, picked their hooves, groomed them with the body brush and brushed their forelocks, we lead them down to the training paddock where there were jumps ready to be used. 

As a warm up, I tried to get her to trot around the paddock a few times. But halfway through the first lap Dream quickly whipped down her head to eat some grass but instead she nearly bit my foot! Then, when I tried to get her to jump one of the jumps, she jumped, scratched the rail and landed on my foot! Lucky she's only a miniature pony otherwise it probably would have broken it. 

I heard Lauren saying that Cutie could break the record for miniature jumping because she could jump 1 meter 10 and the current record was 1 meter 5. Compared to Cuties friend, Dream, she was excellent at jumping, but Dream hardly lifted her feet off the ground. 

Day 2:
Again, I was up early so I could get ready to 'play' with Dream. We were going to have a mini show and we all had to be up early (when I say early I mean 5:00) so we could groom and plait the ponies. Mia was with Mist, Rhiannon was with Cutie and as you might expect, I was with Dream. The rebellious, naughty out-of-control Dream. 

It was basically still dark when we headed outside to catch them so we groom and plait them for the show. My plan the day before was to train her for the show. My plan today was to make the training worth it by winning. Once we had headed to the paddock, the first event began which was the 'best groomed' competition. As Aunty Catherine and Lauren expected our ponies, Aunty Catherine announced: "The winner of the first event is... Rhiannon and Cutie!" Lauren stepped forward to give Rhiannon her ribbon. "Second place goes to... Mia and Mist!" This news nearly made me give up all hope on training Dream successfully. But things turned very, very quickly...

The next event was the best handler. But halfway through Cutie lowered her head down and started to eat, and Mist started to rear for some weird reason. "First place goes to... Carys and Dream." I was beside myself. "Second place goes to... Rhiannon and Cutie." 
"And last place goes to Mia and Mist." Lauren said cheekily to Mia.  
Mia just groaned and said, "Thanks Lauren." 
The second to last event was the bending relay (which you lead or ride a horse or pony through cones). First up was Mist but he decided he was having enough fun standing in the sun with Mia on his back.
"Ok... Looks like Mists fine where he is. Rhiannon, your go." My sister lead Cutie through the cones but nearly bit Rhiannon's foot off several times. It was Dreams turn. For the first 3 quarters Dream was a perfect angel, but as we got to the end she swung her head and started ripping out huge chunks of grass from the ground. Luckily I only had to wait about ten seconds before she lifted her head up and I could trot her again. 

"Again, first place goes to Carys and Dream. Second to Rhiannon and Cutie and third," Lauren grinned at Mia. "Goes to Mia and Mist." Mist snorted as if to say: hey, that's not fair. I was having fun in the sun! We laughed at this, because Mist was a fun pony and a total troublemaker.

Finally, the last event was the best mannered horse. Mist started rearing again and Cutie started lapping up chunks of grass. 
"Seems like Dream is a dream. Because this naughty, rebellious miniature has just won the show with an awesome score of 3x firsts and 1x third!" I was beside myself. Dream really was a dream. She wasn't the rebellious pony she was when I arrived. Her attitude had changed a lot in a day. I just hoped she would stay this way.

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  1. Wow Carys these stories are really good, I didn't know you could write so well!