Monday, 14 March 2016

Rushing River

The clouds build up above, 
brewing up a storm.

The river barrels between rocks,
Creating rapids in the stream.

The rocky hills crumble slowly together
And look as though centuries have passed.

The mountain pass collects dust and dirt,
While it is forced to endure every last spot of rain, wind, thunder and lightning.

The rushing river runs towards the rocks, 
Creating a noise like trees thrashing their branches angrily.

Which storm is brewing up here?
What mysteries do these lands hold?
What secrets do the ice-cold waters keep? 


In this poem I have been learning to use metaphors and similes. 
My poem is currently relational because I have used a few metaphors and similes the connect together to form one image.
My next step is to use more metaphors and connect them emotionally.


  1. This is so awesome carys! Reminds me of my school camp I went on at Cobham.

  2. Wow Carys, this is an awesome piece of writing! I love the words you used, like 'the river barrels between rocks', or 'what secrets to the ice cold waters keep?' It really gives me a clear image in my head. It reminds me of when Nana, Grandad and I were lacking in the forest and it started raining and we had to rush back to the car (a very long, cold, miserable walk).
    Keep on writing your epic stories and poems! :D