Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Her hair is a golden brown treasure chest 
waiting to reveal its secrets. 

Her ice-blue eyes are a storm brewing. 
Her tanned, rosy cheeks reveal a cheeky grin.

Her voice is like 2 petals rubbing together while the wind whistles past. 
No ‘t’ is aloud in her language.

She walks like a sloppy tornado, 
and walking on all fours is like heaven on earth to her. 

The bed is her dream and her closet holds her dearest dresses, 
ready and waiting to be worn.

Her reputation is untrustworthy, as she is funny and strange, 
but at the same time always wants her way. 

Her unique nature shows every time you see her as she 
acts like a wild animal crashing through a forest.

I love my sister. Most of the time.

1 comment:

  1. Nice one Carys I really love it I really like when you said I love my sister most of the time and I love how you said that bed is her dream and her closet holds her dearest dresses ready and waiting to be worn that's really good I love all the lines keep up the great work I couldn't be able to do a peice of writing like this ��������