Thursday, 14 April 2016

Arty Times

Arts Reflection
What I have been learning:
This term I've been learning what the ‘sameness’ in music is, and the different elements in different music. We have also learnt about music being a ‘universal language’ and how people are able to communicate through it.

This term:
To show this learning I have created a soundscape based on a poem I wrote. The poem is called ‘My Cousins House’ and the music gives a happy/joyful feeling (rather to happy, in my opinion).

My soundscape is relational because it includes many elements of music, I can explain why I chose them and their intended impact. In my music I used beat, rhythm and different tone colour: audio recordings for birds and horse noises and a ‘classic drum machine’ for a magpie.

Overall I reckon it went really well because my music was pretty successful and it everything matched my poem well.

Listen to my soundscape for my poem 'Where Does My Heart Lie': 

Where Does My Heart Live?

Where the fantails chirp hello
And flit between trees.

Where horses and ponies try to escape their paddock-prison,
Pacing up and down the fence line.

Where mud patches sit there innocently for days
As horses constantly tread on them.

Where magpies guard their territory with pride
And swoop down on the innocent sparrows.

Where flowers of all types 
Look in different directions as the wind blows them softly.

Where the rooster sings with pride
And wakes the world up, ready for another day.

This is my heart's true home.


I am learning to use personification and use more detail in all of my writing.  I am going well because I think my learning is at Extended Abstract for example: ‘Where horses and ponies try to escape their paddock-prison, pacing up and down the fence line.’
My next steps are to help people more.

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