Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Cabin Night

Attempting to get to sleep at camp, 2016. 

If adults seriously think that we kids plan to sleep on school camp, they are dreadfully mistaken. Especially when you're in a cabin with 3 other girls (Who just chit-chat the entire time).

The moon is peppercorn cheese, and the stars are pale white crumbs. I gaze up as I trudge one step after another on the lush green grass in the courtyard. Each step takes me one million more kilometers away from the dining room, which currently is hosting a quiz. My feet suddenly go slap against the concrete ramp leading into the alley of cabins. I turn to the left. Three oak brown cabins sit to the side of me, making no movement whatsoever as if they are panthers stalking their prey. Which unfortunately happens to be me.

Naima is already lying on her bed, her face in her pillow and doing absolutely nothing. But if she is moving, she must be going the speed of a snail (around a meter per hour). I climb onto the top bunk and begin to read. Naima must notice me, because the next time I lift my head to survey the room, her face has transformed into a dragon book. Magic.

It's one thing entirely to talk while should be sleeping, but to talk while you're sleeping? Not too likely to happen. But for me there's often a larger chance (99.9%). So you might be thinking: ‘you're joking’. I'm not. Once everybody has settled down, my eyelids lower and I fall into a wonderful dream: riding at badminton horse trials. I am urging my horse over the last few jumps on the cross country course. Underneath me, he is heaving but galloping hard all the same. All the time I am urging my horse on, I happen to be sleep talking. 
“One last jump!” I whisper. It is actually nothing more than a few mumbles. We soar over the last jump and… My horses leg gets caught. My horse is on top of me (ouch). I wake up a few moments later in a cabin in Hanmer Springs. Sophie M is hitting me and telling me to ‘shut up’. “I had a good dream!” I grizzle. “Why did you wake me up?”
“You sounded pretty awake to us.” Naima replied. Just as Sophie climbs into her sleeping bag, the door bursts open. Surely it isn't morning already? 
“Go to sleep!” Says an annoyed Mrs. Pageot. We don't reply. That's not going to stop us!

A few footsteps later and a creak of a door, Sophie M sits up in her sleeping bag.
“What exactly are you doing?” Sophie W asks curiously.
“This.” Sophie M replies. She flops the sleeping bag over the side of the bunk, her legs still inclosed inside and starts singing: “I… Have… A… Mermaid… Tale…” She repeats this lots before I eventually dose off to sleep. This really is a nightmare.

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