Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Girl On The Street

The girl wanders out of the alleyway, watching every single movement with her tired emerald eyes. Her thick lips are cracked and bleeding, and she is slightly sunburnt from days on the street. She is tall as a large horse, and as scrawny as a rat in the drain. Her cheekbones stick out, the rest of her face is sunken. Her fringe hangs over one of her eyes. You can see the bones sticking out in her bare feet. She is not a normal teenager. No headphones. No IPod. No IPhone.

The girl loiters around the bakery, watching enviously at a woman clutching a bag filled with warm, delicious bread. The woman leads a small child out of the shop and ignores the girl watching her. The girl's heart stops for a second, she has forgotten what it is like to have a parent that loves her.  

She wanders out of town, heading to the forest. The girl yanks a knife from a tree that she threw it into a few days ago. After, she throws it into another tree, which startles a fox. It glares at her for a moment, before retreating into a bush. In the distance, smoke floats out of chimneys. The smell taunts her, reminding her of before running away, before Foster Care. When her parents walked into town and to school every day, giving her a goodbye hug and telling her they would see her at 3:00. One day, they never showed up.

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